What Can You Expect

orange-square-clipart-1What Can You Expect


Let’s face it, what you want from a billing company is pretty simple; Successful Collections and Communication. We deliver both of those professionally and personally. We focus on all of your claims, each and every one. We don’t cherry-pick the easy ones or ignore the complicated ones. We are always accessible and willing to answer your questions or address your issues


orange-square-clipart-1Here’s How it Works

Whether you decide to use our Cloud-based, ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant Practice Management software or want us to work in your existing EHR/Practice Management application or just want to fax or email your claim information for us to process, we promptly work all of your claims and get them submitted as quickly as possible. We don’t let them lay around being ignored. Our goals are the same as yours which is to get you paid promptly. We do that by:


  1. Submitting your Primary and Secondary claims quickly and correctly

  2. Addressing and re-processing denials, short pays and rejections immediately

  3. Following up on slow pays

  4. Posting payments as soon as they are received

  5. Mailing Patient Invoices promptly


After all, our fee is based on what we collect for you so if we don’t collect your money, we don’t get paid.


Your payments are posted as soon as we receive them and Secondary claims and Patient Invoices are sent out every day. We monitor your AR Aging reports to identify claims that should have been paid and follow-up directly with the payers to figure out what needs to be done.


You have online access to your AR Aging and Posting Reports so you can monitor our performance and confirm that we are not allowing your claims to age out and become uncollectable. If you prefer, we will email or fax you AR aging reports on demand, all you have to do is call or email us. If you ever have a questions about an aging bucket, specific claim or any other issue all you have to do is call or email your dedicated account rep or contact our Office Manager and you will get a prompt clear answer. If you choose to use our Practice Management system and need training or have a question, we are always available to help.


Simply put, we will collect your money like it was our own, treat you and your staff with respect and courtesy and deliver prompt professional results.